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Welcome to Widex Macau!
Macau's first hearing aid fitting centre.
【Fitting Premium Hearing Aids Since 2002】Previously Bond Medical, Widex Macau is the oldest professional hearing centre in Macau.  Seeing the need for access to quality products and services for people experiencing hearing loss locally, our Founder, who also managed the biggest medical distribution company in Macau at the time, decided to bring his expertise in healthcare into hearing aid retail.  In 2009, working with Widex(Denmark) and Widex Hong Kong, the brand "Widex Macau" was created.  

To this day, our goal is for help those with hearing needs, get the help and care they need.  Working with Macau NGOs, schools, and medical associations, we organize frequent educational programs to raise awareness on importance of hearing rehabilitation.  

Walk-in customers, doctors' referrals, or anyone interested to understand more about their hearing health are welcome to visit us.  It is our pleasure to bring the best in hearing products and services to you.  

Widex Macau Hearing and Speech Centre
Phone +853 2853-3530
WhatsApp +853 6664-2564 
Web www.widex.com.mo 
Email info@widex.com.mo
Avenida do Coronel Mesquita 
Jade Garden 5C R/C, Macau
Tuesday to Saturday
9am to 1pm
2pm to 6pm
Closed Sundays and Mondays